How Much Does It Cost?

Data recovery charges typically range from $250-$450 for straight forward recoveries where hard drives and other media are functional and errors are resolvable in less than a day. These are our most common jobs and are usually recovered using software.

More complicated logical and hardware issues typically cost between $450 up to a maximum of $1350 for hard drives and other media that are not reading properly but can be made to give up data by employing advanced hardware tools such as hardware bit copiers. An example would be a hard drive that has one bad read head out of six, or a drive that reads very slowly because of persistent bad sectors.  These drives can be recovered without replacing parts.

Recovery from hard drives requiring disassembly and parts replacement such as circuit board swap / reprogramming, platter or head transplants typically cost between $750 and $1450.

Raid recovery prices range widely depending on many factors, especially the number of drives in the raid and the complexity of raid configuration parameters - Call for "ballpark" pricing for your configuration.

Flash recovery of thumb drives, memory sticks, camera memory devices etc. is $250 for those items repairable using software only and/or simple resoldering and $900 for those requiring physical disassembly. Larger devices such as SSD drives can be very expensive since complete disassembly is often required - Ask for pricing

We can give you a fair idea over the phone about what your recovery might cost. We can also indicate how long the recovery might take. A final and firm quotation usually depends on a free in-house evaluation.

For rush or emergency service call (905) 820-0199 for a direct line to an emergency service coordinator. We have a surcharge for rush / same day recoveries.

Discounted rates are available under certain circumstances - Ask.

To arrange a call-back or emailed response from Fixsys email us here with a description of your problem. We will call you or respond by email typically within an hour.


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          How Much Does It Cost?
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